What Conditions We Treat

Concussion Management

Concussions invariably cause upper cervical joint dysfunction which is a major cause of the post concussion syndrome. Without proper care and treatment to the upper neck joints, symptoms can persist indefinitely

Complex Chronic Pain

Proper diagnosis from a biomechanical model is imperative in the treatment of chronic pain. We have extensive experience in this field as we are leaders in advanced biomechanics. Patients just want answers as to why they are in pain, let us help you find the answers you are looking for.

The Young Athlete (esp. Dance and Gymnastics)

Instability of the pelvis, hip and lumbar spine is common in the teenage athlete. With our whole body approach we will be able to help diagnose and treat young athletes both safe and effective and get them back to their sport as soon as possible.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

April Arsene has over 28 years experience at McCallum working closely with post operative patients. That is her passion and she's very good at it.

TMJ Dysfunction

The jaw can be injured from direct trauma, dental procedures, and can become unstable due to a chronic head forward posture. Proper diagnosis is the key to treating TMJ pain and dysfunction. Erl Pettman has trained Brent Hartman to take over his TMJ referrals as he steps away from clinic practice and takes on a mentorship role with our clinic

Repetitive Use Injuries

Overuse injuries can occur from improperly treated prior injuries, a bad posture, or an underlying spinal condition. Using a biomechanical model, we can test the entire body's ability to function and find out the cause as to why your overuse injury occurred and how we can help you fix it.