Retirement well deserved…

To all my past patients,

I wish to thank you all for your kind words and gifts upon my retirement. My wife Maggie and I started McCallum Physiotherapy over 40 years ago. It has been a pleasure to have been a part of your physical healthcare. I leave with many fond memories, some Physio/patient relationships have spanned decades. 

I am also writing to you to assure you that your care will be continued by an experienced, very competent Physiotherapy team that is eager to look after the community in Abbotsford and beyond. There will be select days where I will continue to be in the clinic to help transition your care into their hands.  Please contact the clinic for more details and availability.

Many of you may already know Brent Hartman. Brent has worked as a Physiotherapist in Abbotsford for over 13 years, 5 of those years working at the McCallum clinic under my mentorship.  He has worked very hard to refine his manual therapy and manipulation skills to continue to offer our clients the best care possible.

Coming from our OASIS Mission clinic is Nasan Mohajeri. Nasan has worked with our team for 8 years; he also performs Acupuncture as well as Dry Needling/IMS. He has been growing his manual therapy skillset by my side throughout this time.

I have had a personal hand in Brent and Nasan’s post-professional education, and I shall continue with this to ensure that you receive the very best care.  I have been preparing them for this day, and have utmost confidence in their ability to continue my legacy.

So, the next time you need Physiotherapy come back to McCallum Physiotherapy. I may not be working there but my legacy has been passed into their hands, and they will continue to offer you the best care possible.

Take care. I shall continue thinking of you.