Manual Therapy

A treatment designed to restore normal movement. It is imperative that all manual therapy techniques are reinforced with muscle retraining exercises. We are instructors of manual therapy and continue to train therapists to improve their skills

Dry Needling/IMS

A treatment designed to release muscle spasm which can affect the body's natural way of moving. It is similar to acupuncture but more focuses on the muscle. Compliments manual therapy very well.


Helps reduce inflammation by stimulation of the "piezoelectric effect". It is different than IMS in that it is used in the skin, not the muscle. It works very well in acute tendinitis and chronic tendionsis

Exercise Prescription

Nothing will teach you how to move better than exercise. We can help you move properly, but specific retraining exercises are necessary to reinforce normal movement

Traction/Spinal Decompression

Traction can be a beneficial treatment for the spine in the presence of neurological signs. It can be used in the sub-acute or chronic phases of recovery and can reduce discogenic and stenotic neurological signs and symptoms


While we don't do prolotherapy ourselves we have over 30 years experience working with a Prolotherapist to help regain stability and control of the affected joint to help you stay moving better. Dextrose (sugar) solution is injected into ligaments and joint tissue to effectively tighten the loose joint